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Testimonials for Dr. Suggs

From: Rose Ann K.

I started coming to Dr. Suggs in early April after I was referred by a friend.

I had never been to a chiropractor before. I was apprehensive, but extremely hopeful for a cure for my headaches. I suffered from headaches and severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and right arm. It began in early March. I could not do anything. I was basically bed-ridden due to being on pain medications and muscle relaxers. I was in such pain, I could not work and I wound up quitting my job. My regular M.D. had me on short-term disability with my employer. I was being given many pain killers and muscle relaxers. The cause of my problem was not being treated because they could not diagnose me properly. The medication did offer some relief, but I was progressively getting worse. I was also suffering various side effects from the medication.

Within several weeks, my headaches and pains were gone. Dr. Suggs had correctly diagnosed my problem and has correctly treated it. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Suggs because now I can start a new and less stressful job without any of the headaches or pains that had so much dominated my life. I no longer need to take ANY medications for pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Suggs to anyone wishing to improve the way they feel. He is very knowledgeable and understandingly compassionate. He will be very honest with you and tell you if your ailment should be treated by him or a medical doctor.

Thanks to Dr. Suggs, I feel absolutely wonderful, and NOW I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!!!


From: Linda H.

Before I started treatment with Dr. Suggs I was experiencing unbearable pain and felt as if there was no hope. I was in pain 24 hours a day. My boss and co-workers were afraid to talk to me because they thought that I was angry. The constant pain started affecting my personality. My boss accused me of have an attitude problem, but little did he know what I was encountering. You can explain it to people, but until they walk in your shoes they will never know. In trying to deal with the pain during working hours, I stayed at my computer and suffered in silence. I could not focus or concentrate very well on anything.

I would faithfully take Advil every 4 hours, which helped a little. It was a tremendous effort to get up and walk down the hall. I could hardly raise my arms to reach for things because of the pain. I went to many medical doctors who would examine me, then send me home with a prescription for drugs. I did not like taking drugs and they did not help that much. After a while, I would throw them away and go back to Advil. I felt as though I was not worthy to my employer anymore because the pain was affecting my work performance. My arms would go numb, which really concerned me. I had difficulty sleeping at nights, doing my housework, and it was troublesome to drive or do anything. At first, I had problems getting on and off the treatment table at Dr. Suggs’ office. He would have to help me get up, and now I do it by myself without a problem. I was seriously thinking about disability retirement because I was so miserable. I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life.

Once I started treatment with Dr. Suggs, I noticed a difference after 3 weeks of treatment. I am now 99% pain free. I do not take Advil anymore. I am smiling again and my co-workers enjoy my company. Not only am I not going to retire but I am seeking a part-time job in addition to my full time job. Dr. Suggs’ professional caring manner has helped in the treatments and also, the members of his office, Mariana and Liz. I look forward to the visits and seeing them. Every doctor’s office should have people like them. I highly recommend a chiropractor to everyone. IT IS A MIRACLE! I feel as though I have a new lease on life.